Deacon’s Ministry
Deacon’s Ministry purpose is to support the pastor through devoted service and help assist him in carrying out the spiritual needs of the church. The participants make sure the pulpit is supplied with necessary items for the pastor.  Ministering to the sick and shut-in, widows, widowers, serving communion, assisting in baptism, collecting tithes and offering are important parts of this ministry.

Deaconess Ministry
These ladies work closely with the pastor, deacons, missionaries and serve as mentors and role models for women, teenage, and young girls. They are also responsible for assisting in the preparation of communion and assisting female candidates for baptism.

The Laymen Movement of the church involves reaching young men and helping sustain their lifelong membership in the church. The intent is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of these young men so that they will continue to practice good churchmanship, or more so, Christianity.

Usher’s Ministry
Serve the Lord through serving his people.  Ushers welcome UMBC family, friends and guests with a friendly smile and warm welcome. They provide the church bulletin and assist with seating, ensure envelopes and information is available to patrons.

Youth Ministry
Our youth ministry seeks to motivate, instruct, and oversee the spiritual growth of our youth and young adults.

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